Thursday, May 5, 2011

Hermès Canada Charity Silk and Accessories Sale

Today I attended the Hermès Canada Charity Silk and Accessories Sale at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.  It's a biennial event with all proceeds going to support Multiple Sclerosis research at Toronto's St. Michael's Hospital.  Such a worthy cause was the perfect justification for picking up this beautiful red scarf!  It's the Faubourg Express pattern.  I arrived much later in the day (it started at 8 am and I heard snippets of conversation that said there were already 500 people in line by 6 am!) so missed the line ups.  Apparently there was also not much left compared to the morning.  I was enamoured with the plaid designs evoking the British Isles but felt that since Hermès was such an esteemed French fashion house, I should go for something more Parisian.  Love!

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