Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Orchids for Mum

I have to start off by saying my mother is super cute and awesome!  She has always been extremely supportive in my career and my new business venture.  Recently, she pulled out a ring of hers, one I've seen her wear on and off over the years, and asked if I could remodel it for her.  Of course, I was really pleased to be asked, because I knew that my mother had not real desire to have a new ring or to change things up, she just wanted to be able to wear a piece of jewellery that her daughter made and proudly show it off.  I am slightly ashamed to admit, that at that point in time, I had yet to make any jewellery for my mum at all.  

original ring

Being that this was to be the first jewellery piece I was making for my Mom, I had to make it extra special.  However, 4 stones all of equal sizes can be a little difficult to get creative with, it was pretty obvious that they would look best all in a row and my Mom's instructions, "No, I don't want to add extra stones.  Design it however you like.  Make sure I can wear it everyday" left me with very little in aesthetic direction.  Luckily, I saw this....

Now this picture really doesn't do this plant justice!  This orchid is like the healthiest orchid I have ever seen in my life! It flowers all the time and doesn't seem to need any attention.  It just lives in my mothers kitchen, on the windowsill.  My parents both have green thumbs (something that I was not fortunate enough to inherit), and grow all kinds of plants in and around our family home.  My mom in particular loves orchids and grows all different types, from mini ones, small as a finger tip to these stunning, fist sized, blooms, which of course became the source of my inspiration.

The Quick Sketch

The CAD Design

 The Final Product

18K Gold Orchid Ring

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